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Delivering real-time, actionable insights for field-force implementation

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"There is no waiting around - we get instant every day visibility on campaign implementation and selling skills across key priorities - It keeps decision making laser focused"

- Head of Marketing

"Previously we have struggled to measure the impact of our ROI at SLT. Sales might increase, but joining up what's driving that is always challenging. Advance® Analytics overlayed with the sales data opens up this opportunity so we can now regularly and proactively drive positive performance"

SLT Member - Commercial

Advance® Analytics is your instrument panel, giving you the insights you need to assess performance and navigate back on course.

We work with commercial organisations in the healthcare industry to drive selling skills and campaign implementation.

Our story


Advance® Analytics is built on 20 years of experience and predictable, proven results. Our team has many successful years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


We identified that our customers needed to find a way to make new skills stick beyond a standard training course. They needed advanced implementation.


This led to the invention and development of Advance® Analytics In 2001. It's constantly evolving as we invest in our technology and we are passionate about making a positive difference to delight our customers.

"Advance® Analytic's work with our team really made a difference. We added 13% to our market share in less than a year."

Selling excellence

"We used to launch and be in the dark - this has opened up the everyday visibility of how the campaign is being implemented and what selling skills we need to be supporting the teams with"

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Ian Johnson

President of Business Development - Global

Luca Martines

Vice President of Business Development - Europe

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